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Our Internship prepares you for life in ministry. We exist to develop, empower and train young leaders to discover and prepare for the call of God on their lives. Our heart is to provide a unique environment where you can not only grow as a leader, but actually become a leader! You will learn from our staff and leaders, and serve the church and community all while seeing lives changed.

Our mission is to develop and deploy leaders in ministry.
— Marian Camacho, Internship Director


Our Ministry Rotations are designed to develop your gifts, skills, leadership, character and community through hands-on experience within specialised areas of ministry and various areas of church life.



The General Track of the Internship takes interns through a rotation of ministries. All incoming first year interns are required to complete the first four months of the General Track before being considered for the Advanced Track.

Cost: $50/month


The Advanced Track is available to interns following at least four months in the General Track. Interns wishing to move into the Advanced Track will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will have to complete an interview process with the Internship Director. Interns who choose to move to the Advanced Track will have chosen a specific area of ministry in which to focus and will complete intensive training that will prepare them for a future career in the ministry area of choice.

Cost: $100/month


Who is the Internship for? The Internship is for people who have expressed a commitment, desire, or interest in building the local Church in a leadership capacity. Through intentional classroom sessions, on-going discussions tailored to your personal ministry passion, and hands-on ministry training, you are sure to be well equipped to maximize your leadership potential in the local church.

When does the program start and how long does it last? The main time commitments are Mondays (8:30am-5:00pm) and Sunday mornings. The year is broken up into a Fall (August 18-December 24) and Spring (January 6-May 24) semester.

What can I expect to learn if I'm accepted? Interns will see measurable growth in their ability to lead teams, maximize their personal giftings, and ultimately lead a ministry area. In addition, participants will experience exponential spiritual growth throughout the year. You'll build bonds that fill you, read books that challenge you, and take on responsibilities that test you.

What is expected of me if I participate? You are expected to attend a class consistently, participate in online and group discussions, complete assigned readings in a timely fashion, and put your leadership skills into action at church and at work. While the load of the program will not be overwhelming, we do realize that participation in the program is a marathon and not a sprint. We want you to start strong and finish strong.

Is there a cost to participate? Yes. The cost is $50/month.

Is childcare provided? No, childcare is not provided.

Where do I go if I have more questions? For any additional questions, please email